Step Away From the Argyle

There are many different genres in photography.  As a St. Louis Metro area portrait photographer, like many other photographers in the beginning, I wanted to take pictures of everything!  Newborns, weddings, children, families, high school seniors and events.  If someone wanted to hire me, I jumped at the chance.  However, I quickly realized which genres really grabbed me…and which one’s didn’t!

After photographing many different genres in the beginning, I found that my passions are family/children and high school seniors.  We'll start with seniors!

As a high school senior or upcoming senior, your life is likely very hectic.  Most teenagers are juggling at least one part-time job, and a host of extracurricular activities such as sports, drama club and/or academic clubs, in addition to the demands of school.  You are also at a pivotal point where you are beginning to think about your...more